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Sourcing is the first, and most strategic part of every hiring process and is simply finding and qualifying candidates – both passive and active candidates. It involves a distinct process of researching and discovering profiles that fit the job.

Finding the right candidate is one of the most tedious tasks while hiring – with most recruiters and hiring managers  spending as much as 50% to 60% of their time sourcing candidates. This is  before having to spend weeks in and out interviewing candidates who do not qualify for the position at all.

With Fount as a sourcing solution, we will identify and procure the right candidate for your job vacancies, and all you need to do is focus on the actual hiring process. It saves time, money, and productivity.

You can be rest assured that we will be perfectly integrated into your process. We simply deliver on quality candidates as promised – nothing more, nothing less. We are about fufillment and  will be here when you need us to take on the next requisition.


Send us the job description for our sourcing partners to identify relevant requirement. 


We initiate sourcing and narrow down the search using the job description received.


We match and then send the specified number of qualified profiles.


We will find a convenient time to schedule candidates for the next phase of your interview or recruitment process.

Save time, money, and effort with access to the right talent in days, not months.



  • When you need to scale and grow your team fast.
  • To ensure your internal recruiters or HR team have an always fresh pipeline of talent.
  • Create a sourcing presence in a new industry or location.
  • Assist with seasonal hiring issues before they come up.
  • Have an agency extension of your hiring team to assist to build from the ground up.

Our team of sourcing partners will work as a dedicated extension of your team to improve your time-to-hire and quality of candidates.



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Need a sourcing partner to SCALE UP YOUR HIRING PROCESS?

A dedicated sourcing partner fully embedded in your team for 2 to 6 months. For a monthly flat fee, you'll have consistency, full visibility and access to talent insights to refine your entire hiring process.

Frequently asked questions

Fount is a sourcing as a service  solution with the sole function of finding quality candidates for hiring managers to hire faster and better with profiles that are relevant to the role.

Our process ensures that all CVs sent specifically fit the details of the job description. We will endeavor to work with you till we get the right candidate(s).

A preliminary evaluation is done via phone or an online screening interview which will focus on checking essential criteria required for the position. There are no physical interviews, assessments or background checks done. 

Sourcing and sending requested CVs takes a minimum of 5 working days for non-technical roles and 7 to 10 working days for technical roles. However our goal is to make sure we fufill your demands within the shortest time possible.

With Fount, you get access to quality candidates. You also get to reduce your time-to-hire and quality candidates to interview by getting CVs that match the job requirements. 

You can’t get a refund for any payment you already made. All payments are final, and there are no money-back guarantees. However, we can transfer the payment for your next requisition.